Personal change and local adaptation are necessary, but not sufficient for building community resilience and sustainability; they must also be supported by advances in local and global policy and legislation. Resilient Palisades plans to engage in community-appropriate campaigns at the district and city level. 


Environmental justice is a movement that works to ensure a healthy environment for all regardless of race, nationality, income, gender or age. Many of our neighboring communities in Los Angeles suffer disproportionately from warming and pollution. As we gain momentum, we aim to partner with and support Los Angeles communities that are most vulnerable to harm such as those with proximity to oil drilling, sources of air pollution, urban heat islands, and without significant resources to respond to climate-warming emergencies such as wildfires and flooding. 

Environmental and Climate Organizations in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is blessed with a number of inspiring and effective environmental non-profits, including the ones listed below. We encourage you to explore, join, and support these organizations, and to think about ways the Palisades community might work in partnership with some of them. 

If you are a Palisadian wishing to help lead or participate in our advocacy efforts, please email us.