Change At Home

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Palisades Solar

Reduce Fossil Fuel Emissions

  • If you install solar panels in 2020 you will be eligible for a 26% federal tax credit – and if you need a new roof to get solar, the credit will cover that too.
    • Enter your address to explore your home’s solar potential at Google’s Project Sunroof
  • Switch your lights to LEDs – they’re up to 80% more efficient, and will save you money, too. And remember to turn off lights you don’t need!
  • Install a smart thermostat and set your thermostat to 68°F (or lower) in winter when you’re home and awake, and 78°F (or higher) in summer when you’re home.
  • Replacing a water heater or furnace? Redoing your kitchen? Consider installing electric rather than gas appliances.

Reduce Carbon Emissions Through What We Eat

Reduce Food Waste

  • Compost! If you don’t compost at home, you can take a first step by putting all your uncooked fruit and vegetables in your green bin each week. Or arrange to have all your compostables collected regularly by Compostable.
  • Got fruit trees? Donate your excess fruit.
  • Make a pledge to reduce food waste at home.
  • Get deliveries from Imperfect Foods, a company that helps reduce waste by bringing you the imperfectly shaped or irregular sized food that is typically rejected by grocery stores.