Change in the Palisades

ideas and resources


Shopping and eating out

  • Buy local and organic groceries:
    • When it reopens, shop the Pacific Palisades Farmers’ Market
    • Join a local CSA.
    • Shop the Santa Monica Co-op, a community owned grocery store that stocks primarily local and organic products.
  • The COVID-19 crisis has put a damper on our attempts to avoid single-use plastics. The plastics industry is exploiting fears to change plastics reduction laws, such as dropping plastic bag bans. We urge you to resist and question unnecessary loosening of rules and habits around plastic reduction. For example, if a store won’t let you bring in your bags, you can keep them in your car and pack them straight from your cart.
    • Refills and package free versions of household cleaning products are still available during the COVID-19 crisis. Prostainable, a recent addition to our Farmer’s Market, will deliver to your home.
    • Explore online marketplaces that specialize in eco-friendly and zero waste items. Some examples: EarthHero, Life Without Plastic, ETEE.
    • Ask food delivery companies to exclude plastic cutlery from your order.
  • Learn about toxic and polluting products, and avoid using them.


  • We would like to start a community conversation about local transportation in the Pacific Palisades.
    • With quiet streets during the COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing more and more people bicycling. Now is a good time to explore ways to make the Palisades a more bike friendly environment.
    • Can we improve our bus route infrastructure? What about a van that runs regularly from the Highlands to the ocean?

Respond as a community to wildfires and other emergencies

  • Part of being a resilient community requires Palisadians to work together on systems and institutions that can help us respond to crises as they arrive, including the pandemic and wildfires.