Conversation with Tobi Coughlin

Mar 7

Tuesday March 7th, 2023 at 7PM Pacific Time

on Zoom


Join us for a conversation and Q&A with our motivational speaker, Tobi Coughlin, as she discusses the health benefits of an environmentally friendly and sustainable vegan diet. Ask questions and learn several ways to stay motivated and committed to a healthy vegan lifestyle as well as finding new ways to manage our weight with delicious vegan meals!

Tobi Coughlin is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach.


She’s been eating plant-based since high school and knows firsthand that even

vegetarians struggle with their weight – after all, they face the same temptations as

everyone else.


Following years of losing and gaining weight trying one diet after another, she

discovered that searching for the “best” diet was looking for an answer to the wrong

question. The real problem isn’t KNOWING what to eat, it’s following through that’s the



Using a mindset-based approach, she reached her weight loss goal, and has now spent

the last 14 years helping hundreds and hundreds of others do the same.


Tobi’s focus is uncovering WHY we overeat – bringing awareness to the seemingly

harmless sentences in our head that are the real obstacles to weight loss. And, she

uses behavioral science to help her clients bridge that gap – from knowing what to do to

actually doing it.


Tobi works with clients both one-on-one and in small groups in her private practice, Best

Life Coach Tobi. She’s also employed by the largest brand in weight loss, and is

engaged as a speaker and podcast guest.


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Green Banking Team Meeting

Mar 15

Wednesday, March 15 at 6PM Pacific Time

on Zoom

Join your neighbors to discuss green banking options, get support on switching financial institutions, and learn about local opportunities to participate in the “National Banking Day of Action” taking place in March.

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