4th of July Pali Parade — Join Us!

Please March with Resilient Palisades

Once again, Resilient Palisades will be marching in the July 4 parade. Last year, our vegan solutions float with the 14-foot carton of soy milk won a cash prize. This year, we’re promoting the incredible work done over the past year by our Clean Air + Water team, namely facilitating the purchase of commercial-grade electric blowers and battery backpacks for 50 gardeners who work in the Palisades — gardeners who all committed to use these quiet electric blowers and ditch their polluting gas blowers.
Please march with Resilient Palisades in the parade! We have lots of signs and banners that need to be carried. On Thursday July 4, we will be meeting at our float in the staging area between 1:00 and 1:30 p.m. The staging area is on Via De La Paz between Carthage and Bowdoin. To find us, look for giant rotating Fonzie with the electric leaf blower. As usual, streets will be closed off, so you’ll need to park and walk.
In terms of what to wear, consistent with the parade theme Happy Days in the Palisades, we will be dressing 50s style e.g., jeans + white T-shirts w/ rolled-up sleeves, poodle skirts, etc. If possible, try to stick to red, white, and blue colors.

It would be great to see you at the parade!
Any questions, please email ryan@resilientpalisades.org.