What We do

The Pali Microgrid project aims to dramatically increase local solar electricity generation in the Palisades, reduce emissions, save money, and increase energy resilience for our community.

A microgrid is a network of homes and businesses that have installed solar and storage, and that can take advantage of stored electricity in the network in order to:

(1) Reduce load on the grid – important in the Palisades as LADWP is urgently seeking additional distributed energy resources (DERs) to meet our community’s growing demand for electricity; and

(2) Increase resilience by islanding from the grid in the event of brownouts and blackouts – highly relevant for the Palisades given more frequent outages (according to data provided by LADWP, 19 major outages in the El Medio Bluffs alone since 2018).

A Two-Phase Process

The first phase consists of installing solar + storage across as many homes as possible. We are accomplishing this with a group purchasing program, leveraging volume to get best possible pricing from installers. In other communities where this has been attempted, pricing has been as much as 30% lower. Installers are also being selected based on: (1) Quality of equipment; (2) Customer service; and (3) Reputation, experience, and integrity. By participating in Phase One, Palisadians should expect not only better pricing, but also greater certainty of installation and service, as installers will also be accountable to Resilient Palisades, and we have a commitment from LADWP for expedited interconnection.

Phase Two will consist of joining solar + storage homes into a microgrid. We will partner with LADWP and start with a small pilot in one neighborhood to demonstrate a microgrid can work in the LADWP service area. The Pali Microgrid will grow from there.

Pali Microgrid FAQs

We know you have lots of questions. That’s why we’ve developed a list of FAQs you can find here.

Contact Info

If you have additional questions about the Pali Microgrid project, Phase I, or specific proposals received from installers, please e-mail solar@resilientpalisades.org