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17 Sep

Three Steps to Psychological and Environmental Well-Being

As a psychologist, I’ve been seeing more and more clients reporting anxiety and depressive symptoms related to helplessness about climate change and other environmental issues. In fact, although more than half of US adults believe that climate change is the most important issue facing us today, about 40% of people have not made any alterations to their behaviors to reduce their impact on the environment.

19 Aug

Proactive in Paradise: How to Lower our Impact on the Planet Here in Pacific Palisades

... this summer will be another record breaker for heat in Los Angeles and across the West. More than outlier weather, USA Today reports “persistent heat waves may be sticking around for a while, raising concerns that the extreme heat may become the new normal. Scientists who study drought and climate change say that people living in the American West can expect to see more of the same in the coming years.”

17 Aug

Actions for a Small Window: IPCC Climate Change Report

On August 9, 2021, eight-billion alarms were rung by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)... The good news: There is still a small window to limit the extent of climate change.

18 Jun

Water, Water ISN’T Everywhere

The next time you’re walking in your neighborhood, count the number of emerald-green lawns you see. Of those, how many are on the parkway or in an area that’s not being used by anyone – except maybe dogs – and is predominantly for aesthetics?

23 Sep

Vegan Pizza Dinner for the Family

This is my go to Pizza Night Recipe (and sometimes lunch).  I make this pizza at least once a week. I try and keep the bags of dough in my fridge at all times.  The toppings can be anything, and have been anything.  From leftover broccoli and corn, to more traditional  toppings like on the pizza pictured above...

9 Sep

What is a plant-based diet, and why does it matter?

For most Americans, transitioning to a plant-based diet is the single most impactful change we can make to reduce our environmental footprint. Transitioning to a whole-food plant-based diet, may also be the biggest positive change we can make for our health, vitality, and longevity.