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25 Feb

Tap into Better Water: Water in Plastic is Wasteful and Bad for Your Health

Walking and hiking around the Palisades, I see a lot of plastic water bottles both on the ground and on people’s porches.  The single use bottles are prevalent on the Temescal Loop trail,  along the curb of Temescal on my walk to the beach and then at the beach in the sand.

11 Feb

To Make the Palisades More Resilient, Look to the Sun

Solving the climate change emergency will require changing behavior. Unfortunately, only a small minority of Americans are currently willing to make the necessary changes in how they live, and the same is true in most other countries. As a result, in order to address climate change within the narrow window scientists estimate we may still have, new approaches are urgently required.

28 Jan

Farm Boxes – Sustainable Fresh Food Without Leaving Home

With the Covid-19 pandemic surging in Southern California, health departments are asking us to stay home as much as possible. A great way to minimize grocery outings, as well as to lighten the environmental impact of our meals, is to subscribe to a home-delivered farm box.

14 Jan

Why “local” matters now more than ever

January 5th was my ten-year-old son’s birthday. His day started with chocolate birthday cake batter falling and being plastered onto every conceivable surface across our kitchen. It ended with a pipe bursting in the street outside our house, resulting in severe flooding followed by an overnight water shut-off.

6 Nov

Where do you get your climate news?

It's well known that American news media devotes alarmingly little space to the climate crisis. This is due, partly, to the way such news interacts with advertising and ratings: that feature on deforestation may turn you off the beef burger advertised in the commercial break..

22 Oct

A Doctor’s Prescription: Vote for Health – Vote for the Climate 

As a physician, I can unequivocally state that our health is on the ballot in this election. No matter your political persuasion, a vote for leaders who act on climate change is a vote for health.

7 Oct

The Three Sisters: what an ancient agricultural technique can teach us about community

For thousands of years Indigenous Americans have honed an agricultural technique whereby corn, beans, and winter squash are planted in close proximity to one another. The corn, beans and squash, also known as “the Three Sisters” rely on one another for their development and growth.