Clean Air and Water

Our Gas Free Gardens campaign seeks to transition yard care away from the use of polluting and toxic gas-powered gardening equipment and encourage the use of electric equipment or, even better, manual tools like rakes. Our next campaign, Healthy Gardens (coming soon) will tackle the use of rodenticides and pesticides in gardens, offering the community safe and ecologically friendly alternatives.

Plant-based Solutions

Our team of passionate activists embraces a plant-based and vegan lifestyle. Our Veg Fest campaign has focused on bringing delicious vegan food to the Palisades in a series of Veg Fest food truck events. We conduct outreach to help Palisadians embrace and enjoy delicious plant-based alternatives to animal products. We help Palisadians reduce our environmental impact while promoting cruelty-free eating practices and personal health.

Clean Energy Resilience

Seeking to dramatically increase local solar electricity generation in the Palisades, reduce emissions, save money, and increase energy resilience for our community. Our plan for achieving this is called the Pali Microgrid. The Pali Microgrid will reduce load on the grid and increase resilience by islanding in the event of brownouts and blackouts.

Zero Waste

Promoting a zero waste culture in the Palisades. Our Choose to Reuse campaign is focused on transitioning our throw-away culture to one of sharing and reuse. Our Commit to Compost campaign is educating our community about home-based composting while exploring other community-wide strategies for increasing composting in the Palisades.

Green Banking Team

The Green Banking Team raises awareness about the significant role banks and other financial institutions play in funding the fossil fuel industry, and we empower Palisadians to switch to climate-safe banks. We demystify and streamline the process of switching by offering resources and support. Green banking has never been easier or more important. Put your ‘money where your mouth is’ by joining our team.