Vegan Pizza Dinner for the Family

By Shayna Samuels SEPTEMBER 23, 2020

This is my go to Pizza Night Recipe (and sometimes lunch).  I make this pizza at least once a week. 

 I try and keep the bags of dough in my fridge at all times.  The toppings can be anything, and have been anything.  From leftover broccoli and corn, to more traditional  toppings like on the pizza pictured above.  

How to:

1)  Take the bags of dough (I buy my dough from Wholefoods, but Trader Joe’s also sells bags of dough) out of the fridge and put them on the counter.  Each bag will be divided in half to make two 12-inch pizzas.  My husband likes a 12-inch pizza all to himself.  My 14 year-old and I can split a pizza, we each top our own side.  My younger kids like a simple cheese pizza.

2) Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees

3) Prep toppings for pizza.  Again, whatever you have works.  There are a ton of vegan cheeses to choose from, from those pictured above, the Violife is our favorite.  Soy cheese, not pictured, is really tasty.  My husband’s favorite is yellow onions and garlic. My “can’t make pizza without” ingredients are the Rao’s Pizza Sauce (I wish it was organic, but it is so yummy I don’t care.), kalamata olives (so good! so much better than canned), and the Gardein meatballs (microwave them or bake them a little, slice and top the pizza with) Yum!!

3) After about 20 min of the dough being at room temperature, take the dough out of the bag and onto a lightly flour dusted cutting board.  Pinch the dough into two.  I have found that pinching is better than cutting, but it really isn’t going to matter.

4) Form the dough into a ball and then form into a disk shape.  Hold the outside edges and slowly form into a pizza shape.  (I have not gotten to throwing the dough around like a pro, yet…)

5) Lay the dough down onto or in what you will cook it in.  I use a cast iron pan  I am sure almost anything would work; a pizza stone, a cookie sheet.  I have been using the cast iron skillet and it has been great.  I use a paper towel to oil the pan with some Avocado oil, before placing the dough.

6) Add sauce to the dough, add a little more than you think, especially if you are going to be eating some as leftovers as the sauce seems to evaporate a little the next day.

7) Add cheese.

8) Add toppings.  This is a great time to have the kids come and put what they want on their pizzas.

9) Place pizza in the oven for 12 min., might need a few minutes more. Not only should the cheese be melted well, but the crust should be golden and even browned a little.

10) Take pizza out of the pan with a wooden spoon and onto a cutting board.  Slice and enjoy!

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